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Videoslots Casino


All Freespins are wager free!

100% up to £200! - 20x wagering

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Trada Casino

50 Welcome Spins (Wager Free)
100% up to £200! - 50x wagering

50 Welcome Spins(Wagering)

100% up to £200! - 50x wagering

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 T&C's apply. 

Leo Vegas

100% up to £100 Bonus + 20 Bonus Spins on each of your first 4 deposits
35x wagering

100% up to £100 Bonus + 20 Bonus Spins on each of your first 4 deposits

35x wagering!

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 T&C's apply. 

Spinrider Casino


100% up to £300 - (35x wagering)

50 Welcome Spins 

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210 FS on Signup! (50x Wagering)

4 Deposit Bonuses (50x Wagering)


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Fun Casino

Fun Casino
No Deposit Casino
Bonus Casino

111 Free Spins

Up too €998 Bonus!

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No Bonus Casino

NO bonus Casino

Good game selection

10% cashback on all game play!

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Casino Casino


Great casino!

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Jambo Casino


Welcome Bonus up too 200

100 Extra Spins!

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What is a casino bonus?


Casino Bonuses and what they mean:

 What is Casino Bonus Money?

The gambling world that we use is said to be a competitive field, and a lot of casinos do a lot of things to get clients. This is beneficial to clients, and a great example is the Casino Bonus Money.

Currently, there exists a lot of casino bonuses. The first Casino bonus that you will notice is the Welcome or Sign-Up Bonus. 

When you deposit money as a new punter, you tend to get a 100% Casino bonus added to you. This is awesome for new punters. Who wouldn't want to bask in the benefits of these welcome bonus, as it is one of the best Casino bonuses that one can have access to?

It is important to note that though there are a lot of Casino bonuses, you shouldn't expect to be fed free lunch every time. What this means is that you won't be allowed to withdraw whatever Casino bonuses that you are given. You must have done at least a number of bets with the bonus before you can be able to withdraw the amount.

Casino bonuses can come in different forms like cash bonus, free pins, on-site currency, as well as a lot of options. Many casinos offer a lot of bonuses to their new and old clients.

A casino bonus given to one is usually dependent on the terms and conditions, as well as the player understanding. These things usually affect the limitations that have been placed on the casino bonus, as well as wagering requirements.

A player can decide if they can either claim one bonus or not. If they want to opt in or not for the Casino bonuses, they can.

Wager Requirement

There is a betting minimum that one expects to use the casino bonus, and this is the wagering requirement.

This is done by casinos in a bid to shield themselves from excess loss.

To prevent them from smart punters that may want to quit when they have gotten ahead, the Wager Requirement- WR- was put in place.

This is meant to be a counter-measure.

This is the multiplier that shows the number of times you are expected to use a bonus to play before you are permitted to withdraw the amount.

You may be given a Casino bonus of £20, and given 10x wagering requirement. What you are expected to do is to use the £200 on the qualified games before you are expected to withdraw the winnings you get.

Deposit Bonus

This type of bonus is meant to be given to a punter when they deposit money to their account. This is a type of Casino bonus, and it comes in the forms of the free spins, bonus cash, or other types of rewards created by the casino.

No-Deposit Bonus

This type of bonus occurs when a punter does something required by the casino and doesn't involve a cash deposit.

This may include creating an account with a casino. It could also include referring someone new to the casino or having the casino app downloaded on your phone.

One may be rewarded by the casino for carrying out such activities.

Welcome Bonus, this is one of the numerous Casino bonuses that is given to new punters in a casino once they make a deposit first.

Sometimes, this may work for solely the first deposit, and in other cases, it may also include some subsequent deposits.

The players may, in the end, be given a bonus that matches how much they deposit. There is usually a limit to the amount that can be given as a welcome bonus. Usually, one can easily tell an online casino's welcome bonuses because they are shown well.

It is important that before you get involved in anything, you check the casino's terms and conditions.

A normal bonus is one that allows you to get an extra percent of the amount that you deposited. It falls under the welcome bonus. It could match the amount that you deposited, or it may be a lower percentage. You may be given one hundred percent or twenty-five percent of the amount that is deposited.

Free Spins 

These are the turns that are given to a punter, and they can be used only on slot games. This way, you can play a slot game without having to use real money. The free spins are normally given to punters by online casinos when they are in the season of promos. Sometimes, free spins can be a form of welcome bonus. There are terms and conditions guiding them, too, as well as restrictions. In a lot of cases, free spins tend to be time-sensitive, meaning that you must use them during a fixed span, if not they become unusable.

Usually, an online casino tells you how the Casino bonuses are given and how they can be accessed. Usually, a welcome bonus can be accessed once a new punter creates an account, or it may be when he or she makes the first deposit.

Sometimes, a bonus may be a member of a casino's league of promotion activities, hence, may have other criteria to qualify for it.

In this case, you may opt in by reaching out to player support or may be asked to click on a button. Sometimes, you may be asked to carry out other kinds of actions like having an amount wagered on a certain kind of slot game.

VIP Bonus Offers

Before you can get this, you are expected that you play for a considerable amount of time. Once you are a loyal client, you will be made a VIP, offering you a lot of Casino bonuses and benefits.

To get involved in this, you can do the following:

If the online casino that you play in has a VIP program, you can ask to be added, and you start from the beginning before you rise.

To go up the ladder, you are expected to continuously play and win. As you climb up the ladder, you are given a number of points that can end up turning into cash rewards or prizes.

Another way of getting into the VIP program is via invitation. Some casinos are known to watch how good their players are, and then send invitations to the best in the flock.

If you know that you fall under the leagues of successful players and you haven't been invited, you should consider sending a complaint to the customer care of the casino.

Sticky and Non-Sticky Bonus

Non-Sticky casinos want to give bonuses, some give tiny amounts, while others are quite generous. Many of those generous bonuses come with strings and are called sticky bonuses.

What do we mean when we say bonuses are sticky?

Sticky bonuses are bonuses that you aren't allowed to withdraw from your account with that casino. There are some limitations to the usage and withdrawal of this type of Casino bonuses, and they may vary from one Casino to the other.

On the other hand, a non-sticky bonus is in a different league. If you join an online casino that allows you to withdraw every amount, even the initial deposit, immediately you have met the wagering requirements, this can be classified as a non-sticky bonus.